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Endocrine System

Is your Thyroid creating issues for you???

Did you know that there are 10 (11 when pregnant) glands that make up the Endocrine System?

Our endocrine system and hormones support our bodies from conception through old age.

From conception, the placenta acts as an endocrine organ and produces several important hormones through pregnancy.

Here are some more big hitters:

✔️ The Hypothalamus: This is the gland that drives the whole endocrine system by linking our endocrine system with our nervous system.

✔️ The Thyroid: This gland is crucial to healthy development and regulates your metabolism.

✔️ The Adrenals: This gland is actually made up of two glands: the cortex and medulla. These glands produce hormones in response to stress (cortisol) and regulate blood pressure, glucose metabolism, and the body's salt and water balance.

✔️ The Pancreas - The pancreas is responsible for producing glucagon and insulin. These hormones help regulate sugar (glucose) in the blood.

✔️ The Gonads: Ovaries and Testes both produce steroids that affect growth and development and also regulate reproductive cycles and behaviors.

What do you do daily to balance your hormones?

In a nutshell, the Thyroid is our metabolism driver. 💯

When your Thyroid hormones are unbalanced, this can lead to:

💠 Underactive thyroid

💠 Overactive thyroid

A healthy thyroid is supported by:

👉 Clean whole foods

👉 Getting your H20

👉 Quality sleep each night

👉 Movement

👉 Ditching hormone disruptors (stop spraying perfume on your throat)

Each of these little steps creates consistent payoffs for a healthier thyroid and a healthier you.

On a scale of 1-10, how healthy is your thyroid?

This blend for Thyroid Support is something you can make up in a roller bottle and sit on your nightstand so you can roll it on, morning and night.

💧 20 drops Frankincense

💧 15 drops Myrrh

💧 10 drops Lemongrass

💧 15 drops Clove

In a 10 mL roller ball, add oils and top with carrier oil of choice.

There's a lot to take in I know, so just remember you can always come back here and read over things again. You will also find video recordings of sessions I have run on Women's Health and Hormones previously in the Recordings section of the Flourish Tribe members lounge.

Chat soon beautiful, Loz xx


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