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Hormone Disrupters - What are they?

Hormone disruptors: the hidden toxins that wreak havoc on your health. 🤢

Over the last two decades, there has been a growing awareness of the adverse effects of exposure to chemicals that surround you every day from your cleaners, laundry soaps, plastic dishware, and essentially everything you find in your bathroom (perfume, body wash, shampoos & conditioners, and lotions to name a few).

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with free radicals.

Over time, these can cause:

❌ Developmental malformations

❌ Reproductive interference

❌ Increased risk of cancers and other diseases

❌ Poor immune and nervous system function

❌ Weight gain

The good news, is we can start cleaning up our homes and our health TODAY.

👉 Download the EWG App and start scanning the products you regularly use in your home and start ditching & switching!

Tell me what you scanned and what it said!

Toxins to avoid

This is not an exhaustive list but a great starting point if this is all new to you.

Next let's talk about common symptoms of hormone imbalance what what they can mean for you.


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